I'm IKÄ years old girl from Finland. I just look at your farm/stable websites, and I really like photos of your website. That`s why I wan`t to ask, could I have your permission to use your photos on my virtual stable and my SIM horse game? I don`t use the pictures any commercial thing, just for fun and just on my virtual SIM horse game. Virtual stables game is not a reality, it`s happen just on Internet and players mind of course. If you don`t know what is a virtual stable, you can read more about it from here: http://www.tutka.net/~heidinis/sim.html I would not copy the photos if you cannot give me the permission. I hope that you can still answer to this message. I almost forget to say, that if you give me the permission to use your photos, I will place a link to your website on every page your photos are used on. And I would save the pictures my own computer and load those in my websites, so I don`t just link the photos from your sites, because that would make your sites slower. Finally I wan`t complain my bad English, I don`t speak that very good becouse my native language is Finnish, so this message can be little bit confused. I hope that you understand what I trying to say :)

Best regards niminimi